Double Trip Sidewalk Plow
Double Trip Sidewalk Plow Attachment
Trip Plow Normal Position     Trip Plow Tripped Position


Trip Plow Overhead

Overall length of plow: 60".
Overall height: 32".
Cutting edge: 1/2" x 6?.
Angling: 30° left or right.
Cylinders: 2 single acting.
Mouldboard trip springs: 4.
Cutting edge trip springs: 2.
Overall weight: 700 lbs.

The Double Trip Sidewalk Plow is designed for use by municipalities that have a significant number of toe trips resulting in constant plow tripping. The double trip system trips the mouldboard 35 degrees and the cutting edge 40 degrees. With this type of trip system, the operator does not need to stop or slow down for the mouldboard and cutting edge to return to position. The tripping of this plow is also smoother than conventional mouldboard trip or cutting edge trip plows.

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