Trackless Series MT6 Municipal Tractor

A generation ahead of all others best describes the Trackless Series MT6 municipal tractor.  State of the art electronics, joystick control, the most advanced drive system available, and inclusion of every possible design feature to satisfy the operator all contribute to achieving maximum productivity.

Today, hundreds of municipalities from small villages to large cities utilize from 1 to 60 MTs.  If after reviewing this website, you would like to discuss or have any of the Trackless product line demonstrated, please contact us directly by telephone or email.

Front View

Every Series MT6 tractor includes:

  • 6 - Low volume hydraulic quick couplers for attachment control
  • 2 - High volume hydraulic quick couplers to power hyrdraulic driven attachments
  • 2 - Optional high volume hydraulic quick couplers for additional power requirements
  • 1 - Water coupler for dust control spray systems

MT6 Front View

Visibility where it counts.  A larger windshield and larger side windows improve overall visibility.  The large front corner windows allow the operator to keep a close eye on the ends of the snowplow, mower wings, etc. when working up close to a wall, tree, post, fire hydrant or other obstruction.

Fuel Efficiency

A simple flip of a switch drastically reduces fuel consumption. While in travel mode, the operator simply drives the tractor exactly like a car, pushing on what appears to be the gas pedal. This controls engine r.p.m., like it does in a car, but also strokes the hydrostatic transmission making the vehicle move. This avoids the age-old problem of hydrostatic tractors having the engine screaming at high r.p.m., wasting fuel.

Driving the tractor, plowing snow, etc. can all be accomplished while in travel mode. The fuel savings alone will easily pay for the price difference between the Trackless MT6 and a less expensive tractor with old technology.

Only if and when it is necessary to operate a PTO driven attachment such as the snowblower does the tractor need to operate at full r.p.m. Flip the rocker switch to work mode and set your throttle to the desired r.p.m. At this point the pedal will only stroke the transmission to move the vehicle.


The Trackless joystick was carefully designed to give the operator very smooth control over all the various Trackless attachments.  A special free-floating arm rest allows your arm to move freely when operating the joystick.

MT6 Joystick

Powertrain Components

Beneath the skin, the MT6 is tough, powerful and dependable.  The main powertrain components consist of a 115 HP Cummins diesel, Sauer Danfoss hydrostatic system, Dana axles and Twin Disc PTO clutch.

MT6 Powertrain

Cab and Chassis Structure

The ROPS cab and front frame are one weldment creating a stronger overall structure.  The rear chassis rails are 6 x 2 x 3/8" wall steel tubing.

MT6 Chassis

Ultimate Traction

The front and rear axles have limited slip differentials which provide excellent traction under normal circumstances. However, if you desire the ultimate in traction, electric locking differentials are available as an option. The front, rear or both can be engaged for use in low gear. With this option, the axle still has the limited slip feature when the electric lockers are disengaged. Having both limited slip and electric lockers is the ultimate.

MT6 Axle

MT6 Access Hoods

Radiator Access

Not only does the rear grill screen out grass clippings but it also hinges open to access the radiator for periodic cleaning.

Engine Access

The MT6 engine compartment has excellent access for daily checks by way of four hinged side doors and a hinged top hood.

All Steel Hoods

To withstand the elements and rough nature of the work the MT6 is designed for, all hoods, fenders and exterior panels are heavy gauge steel.

Fuel Reservoir

The hydraulic oil and fuel reservoirs are located above the frame rails, in the center of the tractor for protection and safety reasons.  The 27 gallon (104 litre) fuel capacity allows a full shift.

MT6 Tractor Cab

Operator Satisfaction

Customer input and suggestions helped us develop what we consider the most ergonomic and user-friendly MT we have ever produced.  However, don't take our word for it, climb into the seat and take the MT6 for a spin.  We think you will agree that the MT6 is the most comfortable, well equipped and smooth to operate tractor in its class.

Rear PTO and Rear 3-Point Hitch

Rear PTO and 3-Point Hitch Rear PTO and 3-Point Hitch

One of the more popular options available is the rear 540 r.p.m. PTO and rear 3-point hitch. Many customers utilize rear 3-point hitch attachments that they already own, such as a rotovator, rotary cutter or flail mower as shown above. Since the rear PTO is driven mechanically and not hydraulically, full PTO HP is available to the implement without having to worry about overheating the hydraulic oil. As with the front PTO, the rear disengages automatically if the operator leaves the seat.

Wheel and Tire Selection

Summer Turf Loader Lug Dual Loader Lug Winter Radial Tera Grip Turf
32 x 13.50 x 15
Summer Turf
Option 2
31 x 10.00 x 16.5
Loader Lug
Standard Equipment
31 x 10.00 x 16.5
Dual Loader Lug
Option 3
LT 245 / 75R x 16
Winter Radial
Option 1
32 x 15.50 x 15
Tera Grip Turf
Option 2-1
(with axle extensions)
(Option 11)

Advanced design for maximum
productivity, safety and comfort
... from the leader in the municipal tractor field