50" - 80" Snowblowers
Blowing large drift

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Housing: 51" wide x 38" high with 3/8" end plates.
Augers: 2 - 13" diameter spiral with ice picks.
Impeller: 6" x 24" - 4 blade. Impeller housing liner: Two-piece (replaceable).
Turntable: Ball bearing.
Chute rotator: Hydraulic motor.
Chute deflector: Hydraulic cylinder controlled.
Cutting edge: 6" x 3/8" hardened (reversible).
Shear bolts: On auger drive and main PTO drive.
Adjustable cutting height: Using top link.
Quick change truck loading chute: 11' clearance.
Weight: 1,050 lbs.
HP rating: 125.

The Trackless Snowblower is a highly efficient, two stage, twin auger unit that has no equal in removing snow from sidewalks.

It is available in four widths; 51 inch, 60 inch, 70 inch and 80 inch. All will accept either a sidewalk chute or a quick change truck loading chute. Many municipalities utilize both chutes with their snowblower.  After clearing their sidewalks, they change to the truck loading chute to load windrowed snow from the street or from cul de sacs.  In both cases, the manoeuvrability and physical size of the MT and snowblower are less apt to create traffic congestion than larger snowblowers. An average loading time for the MT and snowblower is seven yards per minute. Overall heavy duty construction includes 3/8 inchthick side plates, double wall impeller housing and a 15 inch diameter bearing assembly for smooth, accurate chute rotation. High strength, low alloy steel augers with ice picks and a heavy duty balanced impeller, easily handle the toughest snow conditions.

The snowblower is manufactured by Trackless Vehicles to ensure that the quality and service parts availability is equal to that of the MT. Positive and accurate steering of the snowblower in confined areas and around obstructions is due to the articulated steering of the MT. The ability to move the snowblower sideways by simply turning the steering wheel allows the operator to safely approach any obstruction.

Chute dimensions
Plowing through
High maneuverability
Truck Chute 1
Truck Chute 2

Snoquip XX Snowblower

The Snoquip XX high output snowblower, shown below, features a 28 inch ribbon type auger and 28 inch diameter, 11 inch wide 5-blade impeller. This snowblower outperforms all others in heavy wet snow. It is also extremely aggressive when cutting into frozen banks and casts further than other snowblowers in this size range. It is available in 51 inch and 79 inch widths and is available through your authorized Trackless dealer.

Snoquip XX
Snowquip XX

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